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Post by pendragon on Fri Oct 09, 2009 10:14 pm

An unfurling storm of reitsu scarred the sky as it sunk its powerful teeth into the glistening blue of heavens skin, tearing its way mercilessly across the entirely of soul society... leaving in its wake the torn and open sky now oozing and seeping darkness and rain out like an open wound newly maimed...

The reitsu storm typhooned its way towards seireitei unwaveringly as it cannoned across the skyline, directly for the first division...
This reitsu however was different, it was not angry or psychotic, it was not hate filled or callous, it bore no burden and uttered no name. It flew so lightly and so true, for you see that is what happens when you have no ulterior motive, that is what happens when your intentions are pure... you do not trudge... you float... and this whisp had but one intention and one motive... that motive was change...

The floating, whispy cloud of overbearingly powerful reitsu steam trained its way for the main window of the grandest hall of the 1st division within seireitei, it furled and billowed onwards as if it were to crash into and demolish the structure itself but it came to a very abrupt but very elegant halt and as it did the centre seemed to ruffle outwards as the storm split down the middle and opened up like an oyster shell to reveal its master standing imposingly in the harsh and radiating light that clambered impatiently outwards from the cloud.

The window before him simply ceased to be and it gave way as he treaded with conviction forward, making his way into the filled and packed central meeting room.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the past, you are all granted permission to stand at ease and relax... this man before you no longer rules and in the new state tradition and customs are let slide in turn for mutual respect and overt equality. Let me explain myself and what i mean by the future seireitei..." the man said stepping once more out of the light and becoming fully and wholy visible to the gathering of captains and vice captains that stood before him. The cloud of reitsu behind him dissipated and eventually dissolved into the air and as it did He bowed once, deeply and solemnly to almost everyone within the room before him as his equal.

Pendragon clapped his hands three times and all about the grand meeting chambers a flurry of wind could be heard, as if a thousand birds had just flown all at once across the roof of the hall and landed in different positions... it was of course not birds nor was it simply the wind... it was nine tenths on the Kidou corps, every regular member and almost all seated members took strategic positions across the roof and surrounding buildings - each one simultaneously planting a purple katana into the ground below them, as they did a funny feeling shook the air around and just for a second everything hazed violet.. The Kidou corps had just planted a complex and ingenious barrier around the hall that pendragon and his vice captain had been working on for 3 and a quarter years in secret. The barrier created a spatial lapse between the inside and the outside. While the barrier was active nothing from the inside could effect or change the precedings on the outside and nothing from the outside could effect or change the precedings from the inside... but the beauty of it was that to both parties the barrier was invisible and no matter what happened showed the captaincy meeting hall as perfect and peaceful to the outside world... almost like a loop on a video camera. The remaining tenth of the Kidou corps finest members and specialists also reacted to the signal... but this part is a mystery as nothing happened in that moment of time.

"What do you hold dear?" pendragon began. "is it honour and respect, the triumph of right over wrong and light remaining truer than darkness? or is it power and wealth, prestige and self betterment... is it the honest and white path of something better that you seek... or the dirty, lonesome single track road of self perpetual power hungry greed...?" pendragon became animated and flustered as he spoke at this early point, pacing and strolling from side to side as he addressed the shinigami before him. "This nation, our nation - Soul Society, used to have morals, used to have a light, breezy heart set unwaveringly on one thing, justice. Its light and purity cleansing the world of evil spirits who do not add anything with their existence but merely revel in devastation and darkness. We knew who we were and what he stood for, we had beliefs and we all shared the same glorious goal... today, TODAY! we are tainted, we are stained and our heart is no longer white and breezy. Our glorious and awe-inspiring nation has become corrupted and lost. We now seek higher power and authority amongst all other races at any cost, even if that be our moral code, we now seek betterment of not all good souls but only shinigami souls we sneak around amongst ourselves, cheat snide and steal, dishonour our fellow shinigami at any opportunity if it brings us more power. How did we let this happen?? HOW could we sink ourselves to this... i shall not stand for it! i shall not stand around and watch us needlessly hate, kill and hunt down the Quincy just because they are different from us and we believe they are our enemies purely because they have been so for as far back as we can remember - they fight for the side of the good! How dare we kill fellow warriors of peace? I shall not stand by and watch us segregate exile and sometimes even kill the honest vizards; they too fight on the side of the good and only seek to see a better world like we do! Why do we hunt them? Because soul society tells us they are our enemies?? Because they are evil souls? They were once one of us, they were once our brethren. HOW have we lost our way so soul destroyingly? I thought we held true to our beliefs? are we not a democratic nation? the man who leads us now we did not even vote into power! How can we claim we hold to our beliefs when even our leadership has now lost its democratic value and become a vain popularity contest?! OUTRAGEOUS."

Pendragon paced once more around the hall and stopped at the opposite end of the line of the captains from Jushiro, he stood there for a moment before bellowing to everyone there

"i instigate a mutiny, an upheaval, a revolution and a rebellion... we must take this sorry, tainted and lost excuse for a nation by its foundations and flip it on its head, defining once again what our true morals and beliefs are, holding to them and holding to our ambitions no matter how unsure they seem right now. We will begin again, creating a new soul society, a new moral code and a new mission statement, not just a soul society for us, but a soul society for the future!"

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Post by Tenshi Atomi on Sat Oct 10, 2009 6:31 pm

Tenshi had entered the building just a bit after Pendragon, his ability to control the wind helped him to move faster and keep up with him. Standng beside Pendragon he listened to him speak and watched the faces of the shinigami who were looking a bit mystified, irritated, and angry all at the same time, but some of them showed no emotion as Pendragon spoke to them. The corner of Tenshi's lips curled up just abit as he watched the men. The hands which Tenshi had by his side, were now folded across his chest, he would say nothing now, but he would act if he had to. When the Pendragon stopped speaking Tenshi wondered if he were finished, until he saw him clap three times, then he knew that Pendragon was up to something, then he heard the sound of the wind, but he knew that wasn't the wind, still he said nothing, when he saw the purple haze, he was temtped to ask what it was, but decided to keep it to himself, but he did look at Pendragon out of the corner of his eyes.

He did not try to catch Pendragons attention again as he started to speak once more, but just as before he stood thre watching and listening. The way he was acting you would have thought he was a bodyguard, but truthfully, he was just trying his best to contain himself and not attack these people without beinng provoked, atleast then he knew that they couldn't say he attacked them.

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